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Bernoulli in Golf in the air

2022-06-30 20:04Win the golf tournament
Summary: Why does a small ball with rough surface move farther than a small ball with smooth surface in the airI am a student of aircraft design. I will give you an analysis from the perspective of aerodynamic
Why does a small ball with rough surface move farther than a small ball with smooth surface in the air
I am a student of aircraft design. I will give you an analysis from the perspective of aerodynamics. Firstly, the flow is divided into laminar flow and turbulent flow. The friction resistance of laminar flow is much less than that of turbulent flow. Then, due to the viscous flow of the fluid, the fluid can adhere to the surface of the object to a certain extent. But it is not sticky enoughWhat is Bernoulli's law
He also explained the gas pressure by the collision between molecules and the wall, and pointed out that as long as the temperature remains unchanged, the gas pressure is always positive with the density and inversely proportional with the volume, which explains Boyle's lawAerodynamics of various spheres
The design of badminton is to Bernoulli in Golf  in the airmake the head of the ball face the front of it; The small crater on the golf surface is to reduce the airflow disturbance, so as to stabilize the trajectory; The purpose of football is to make the ball rotate when throwing, and also to stabilize the trajectoryHow to reduce outlet resistance in accelerating gas flow rate
To speed up the flow rate, the outlet diameter must be reduced, and the size of the gas resistance is related to the flow rate at the outlet. The greater the flow rate, the greater the resistance. I'm thinking that making the inside of the outlet into the shape of a golf ball can significantly reduce the resistance between the gas and the outletWhy does streamlined design reduce drag
Relative to general shape). But it doesn't mean that streamline is the best. For this, please refer to the question "why there are pits on the surface of golf balls". It is mainly the separation of the boundary layer. Vortex after separation is also one of the energy consumption factors. These are the problems of fluid mechanicsResearch study report of Physics
It takes the particle as the object and focuses on the concept of force. When dealing with the particle system, we must consider the forces on each particle respectively, and then infer the motion of the whole particle systemCan we use Bernoulli equation to analyze and solve the following situations
Best: when the water is discharged downstairs, the water in the pipe flows. V becomes larger, and the water pressure in the pipe becomes smaller according to Bernoulli equation. If the pressure is not reached, there wBernoulli in Golf  in the airill be no water upstairsWhy is the surface of a golf ball full of pits? What are the benefits of this design
When a certain speed is reached, the air will move disorderly, and a very fast vortex will appear in the back half of the ball. In front of the golf ball, there is a static air area when the air is separated. According to Bernoulli's principle, the pressure of fluid is small where the flow velocity is large, and the pressure is large where the flow velocity is smallWhat are the materials used for these two indoor whirling darts ~ ask the expert who plays darts to answer
This kind of playing method is quite similar to the game of golf. The so-called dart golf is another self reaping fruit. The result of selecting the tree to be considered as a hole is used as the benchmark. The dense branches and leaves of the bush are introduced, and the boomerang's boomerang curve flying ability. Selecting the appropriate benchmark for some obstacles can increase the difficulty of the skillWhat are some interesting phenomena in fluid mechanics
Suddenly, the hawk, which was speeding along, seemed to be attracted by the big ship. It did not obey the helmsman's control at all, and rushed towards the Olympic. Finally, the bow of the "Hawk" collided with the side of the "Olympic" and made a big hole, resulting in a major maritime accident. 3. shape of golf ball
Bernoulli in Golf in the air

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